Bit of randomness between an update

Time for another quick update while I can, more to follow later (as I so often say). My E4 animation isnt finished yet but still working on it. I'm finding out little bits more on software and things and getting reaaly inspired by things I've come across online or in my design magazines which I cant wait to try out on other projects or develop and bring in to past ones to build on them.

Found this over the weekend too which I really liked, its not related to my work but in a way its linked with character design and artist influence. Although its not Tim Burton's work- its based on his work and film he created for Edward Scissorhands.

And whilst on a Burton theme (I always am and especially now for Alice In Wonderland!!!!!!).... this is my finished piece from the life drawing we done a little while ago. From the last day where we drew 'in the style of' chosen person was Tim Burton but I researched other illustrators and designers too which I found some amazing work from. I love Tim's work because its so expressive and unique. It really says a lot and captures my attention. I get really drawn into it all and could stare at the characters for ages. Some people think his style is more 'scribbled and simplistic' but I think its so much more than that.
Anyways my final piece I created based with his work as the main inspiration and I hope I captured that. I used watercolour paper, drawing with a fountain pen and using inks and also done a bit of a drybrushing effect on it which is something I've never done in my life. I'm pretty pleased with her head/face and overall it turned out WAY better than I thought or expected. I'm never keen on my work but this Im quite happy with for a change. I know body wise it looks a bit warped/out of proportion but thats what I wanted, to exaggerate elements.

Some of Tim's work from his personal collection and from concept art he's created for characters for his films...


  1. Your life drawing final does look very Burton-esque, i like the minimal use of colour and the grainy sort of drawing style. Awesome:D

  2. Awww thank you!!! Yeah I think with the grainy kinda look, using the watercolour paper and fountain pen really helped with that.




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