Inspired- I wanna be able to do that!

I've found so many things lately that I love and I'm SO inspired by. Lots of character design things, animations, techniques etc. I love the whole look and the use of textures and its something I really want to try myself at some point. With the E4 project, I'd love to but dont quite have the time needed and it's not 100% suited to that but it has influenced it somewhat for 'trying' to bring in textures to the toaster idea. But I just found this on youtube and love it! It's got so much character and charm to it. Plus its cute!


  1. This is well cool, kinda reminds me of little big planet for ps3!

  2. Ah yeah! I never even thought of that. That's really cool, I love the look of those. Textures can look amazing on characters. Like those in '9'.




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