Lil toaster dude update

Promised this earlier- a bit of an update on 'lil toaster dude'. Here are some of the pics of the development and creation of him. I made a digital version on illustrator/photoshop and then another version (which is what I've chosen) and added a canvas texture to him which you cant notice so much and then coloured over him by hand afterwards and cut out etc. The first photo is more of a mock up of the initial hand made version before any digital ones.

So... it turns out the photo uploader has stopped working at just 2 pics so I'll have to post the final texture version tomorrow. Got some more pics from the test animation I created though. Ooh the suspense!


  1. hes awsome :O should be good in the final me thinks.

  2. ahhhh i love him hes so cute i love the first one i think you can see the texture on it :) x

  3. The texture looks great on the first one!

  4. Aaw!
    I want My toaster to look like that! But then I'd never put stuff in in case i dirtied his pretty face!

  5. Wooo thanks for the comments. Yeah I think the texture one has a 'bit more' to it, look wise. I've kinda combined it so its slightly neater but still textured.
    LOL I think i'd be the same Jamie, I wanted the Mickey Mouse toaster a while ago- knowing for a fact I wouldnt use it anyways but it looked cool.




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