Quick update..

Well I thought I'd post a quick update with more to follow later (after spending yet more time in waiting rooms which should be made more interesting I swear). Anyways.... my previous post about the animation changing a bit, well that's not 'quite' so true now. It has changed a lil but not too much. My lil toaster dude is looking not too bad. Rather cute I might add- im a poet!
It's deffo gonna be quite a simplistic animation but fingers crossed as an overall look it'll work. I'm not up to where I wanted to be right now with it all but I'm trying mega hard to work around that. Powers that be and all that. So I'll update a bit more later with 'lil toaster dude'.

But for now (and not related to the style or theme of my animation) I'll leave you with this E Sting which I really like- the style and characters and pop up look of it.


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