So..first things first, not last...

Soooooo my first blog. Hopelly I'll be updating quite regular on here with my work, ideas, inspiration. I'm in semester two of my course right now and working on my 'work based/live project' for the E4 E Stings (as well as some other projects too- character design).
We have to create a 10 second sting- pretty much any method we want as long as it shows the E4 logo. Everyone's seen those clips on E4 inbetween the ad's. Thinking of an idea took me ages- longer than I thought it would. Everything I kept thinking of, I was either not keen on or someone else had already previously done it! My final concept is based around a little toaster- the toast burns and pops out to reveal the E4 logo. Sounds simple...but *fingers crossed* theres more to it than that which should work out. It's gonna be done in a stop motion method using the paper cut out technique to have quite a sketchy but textured look to it.
I'll be updating soon with some of the initial sketches and storyboards for it. So there ya go, thats what I'm up to right now.


  1. I like the toaster, he's well cute!
    I look foreward to seeing his mighty little face on the interwebs!
    It was really hard to think of an idea like, I found one pretty similar to mine after I'd done lots of work on it!

  2. Awww thanks! My idea is kinda changing a little now- still a toaster tho but more colour. If only I could just decide! lol.
    Yeah I 'thought' I'd watched like pretty much every E sting, thinking that what I was gonna do is ok but it turns out there is another toaster one. My motto is- nothing in design is original anyways.

  3. Indeed, it seems pessimistic but it's the sad truth, unless you create a new creature by splicing DNA, then keep it to yourself but release crude grainy footage of it killing a goat!
    I think I've lost track of what I'm talking about but I like this idea!




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