Wee bit of an update...better late than never

I was meant to update on this a bit earlier than now but here it is anyways. Just some of the initial rough concept sketches for the E Stings project and storyboards. After spending what feels like forever trying to decide on a background- being so annoying and deciding I dont like any of them, I 'think' I've decided to change the original idea and go for a more inkeeping one of purple. My idea has slightly changed since I first done the storyboards shown on here but the main idea remains the same. Its more of the look of it thats changed. It's not really textured now because I just couldnt get the right look with textures and it was taking too long. Maybes if it was a different object and plot, it would fit in better.

So anyways...... this is one of the very first initial concept ideas I had before the toaster which was of a yeti. He starts off on screen kinda confused and then screams which sets off an avalanche behind him, sending the E4 logo bounding down the mountain behind, crashing into him.

And here are some initial ideas for the toaster with the rough storyboard and a final colour version which will now be changed to fit with the newer look. Thats my update for now.


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