Arghh stuff

OK so this isnt intended as one of those like 'dear diary' things, just a bit more of a vent.
Just one of those arghhh moments for the last few days. Things just not going to plan, really sick of being off ill now, sick of taking things that dont even work (that sounds wrong- not illegal things!), being stuck in or stuck in waiting rooms (most boring places everrrr). Cant wait to just get back to college, back on on track and catch up with everything. Arghhhhhhhh *steps down from soap box*. The start of my last project I made a time plan which went right out of the window and theres so many things I wanna try- software things, drawing techniques etc. Lots of random things that'll help my work.

I've said it before but theres loads of blogs and things I've found online and tutorials which look really good and I'd like to try more of that and from my magazines too.
On a good note though I've been getting books online which look SO amazing- havent been able to look at them properly yet but cant wait to and i'll post little reviews too. Some books like the making of UP, Toy Story, Pixarpedia and Preston Blairs animation book which deffo looks like a must have for everyone! Theres a few others too and some I borrwed from the library. They all look really inspiring and helpful though. So when I can i'll be posting my views on them and some links to sites and things that I think are useful too.

So thats my mini rant over. Onwards and upwards I hope and veryyyyy soon because its felt like SO long!


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