E4 E Stings 'Toasted' animation

So.... here it is, my E4 E Stings animation, 'Toasted'. Dunno why I named it but I did. This version doesnt have the sound attached but you get the look anyways. I'm kinda happy with how it turned out. Its nothing really amazing and like state of the art but for what I thought it was gonna turn out like, I think its not bad overall. It's the first time I've used the stop motion technique and there was me thinking earlier in the project, ahh it'll not take too long to do that part. Why did I even think that? Major fan of Tim Burton stuff and Coraline which is so well known how long they took- not that I'm in anyway comparing my '10 second' project with any of those major films lol. But yeah that took a bit longer and working out scene wise what worked and what didnt for movement. Then there was all my faffing and time wasting of just simply picking a background which to look at you'd think would of taken all of 5 minutes. I tried various versions and tested one with purple which I'll post possibly tomorrow for comparison between that and the final. Then there was also the whole editing process which was totally new to me so I spent a lot of time messing around with settings etc. So thats a bit of a ramble about how I got on with it. I really did enjoy making it though and have learnt loads from it and got ideas for future things and what I'd like to try out. Maybes I'll also work on this again more in the near future once I understand certain software more. But here it is- with no sound for now. I'll also post that possibly tomorrow.


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