E4 gets 'Toasted'......soon

OK.... so I'm finally uploading my finished E4 Estings animation which as you know had to be exactly 10 seconds long, show their logo and be suitable for their viewing audience.
But before that, here are some Estings from other people to give you more of an idea of the variations people have come up with each year as part of this competition.

This is a montage of Estings created by the same person. I do like the more carnival/fun fair style one and I really like the style and look of the second one with the car date and zombies but I think that 'maybes' it could be seen as a little too gory to be shown at any time for anyone watching E4. Then again I'd say a typical E4 market range is from around mid teens so who knows.

I thought this one was quite funny and different to all the others I've seen.

I thought this was quite nice and peaceful too and also reminded me of a scene in Coraline with the garden- the flowerbed of her face.

And this one I thought WOW! Its so different and the music is perfect for it but the style is beautiful. It was created just in illustrator and after effects which really makes me want to learn after effects more. I'd love to be able to try out work like this. Just keep learning and developing my style and creating a more varied range of work.


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