Introducing Fletcher...

Well here be Fletcher, the scruffbag, scrounging rat. This is just the inital and slightly more developed sketches for him, not the finished digital versions. It is older work from semester one, part of character design. We were each given a character background to work from and mine was 'character one' who is in his prime, spends most of his days in and around town. He's one of six children, but left home at a young age to fend for himself. His diet consits of left overs, and whatever he can scavage from bins. He doesnt like being around people much with his cleanliness much to be desired and a poor suffering physique. He doesnt really have much going for him and to top it off he has a nervous tick and pigeon chest.
Soooo with all this in mind I did start developing a human character but then fancied trying something different and thought- well a rat scavages and are quite dirty etc. So thats what happened and Fletcher was born!
He's got quite a scruffy, rough but scrawny body and quite top heavy too- with the pigeon chest and larger head. To be honest I'd actually quite like to develop this character more in the future and maybes produce more kind of in depth drawings- poses, expressions for him. I think I've somehow weirdly started to grow attached the the sruffy fella.

Fletcher in development...

Final design for Fletcher- hand drawn/coloured. Not digital.


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