Mega quick update before I forget as always...

I've been meaning to upload this for a couple of weeks now and have forgot every time! Memory is non existent. So yeah... its another past piece now from the life drawing. From my final version I posted previously, I had since added to the piece because every time I looked at it, it looked unfinished and like there was just something missing and it was bugging me then it just kinda clicked- mainly I have to say when watching Alice in Wonderland and one scene in particular where it pans in with quite a distinct shot of the trees, it just scremed out like 'AHH BURTON TREES'- of course!

As the life drawing was 'in the style of' Tim Burton I thought- duh its pretty obvious now. He is like infamously linked with that. You see those style trees/branches that he creates so often and its just like 'yep Burton'. So I added them surrounding the model to finish it more like a frame and I think it really did finish it off all together and I felt it looked complete.
So here she is... I need to think of a name for her. I've took to naming everything now. Any suggestions welcome! lol

This was the original 'final' piece without the branches....

And the 'final final' piece now.


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