On another Burton and burnt toast note..

I've dragged myself to my laptop for another quick little blog update. Following on from Monday's post on Tim Burton art work... I came across this canvas which I done a couple of years ago of Edward Scissorhands and also a Victor drawing I done (from the Corpse Bride). Not project related at all but it ties in with the whole Burton influence and inspiration.

And I promise I will get round to posting a more in depth and proper update on my actual E4 work and others later today. The original background I was using for the stop motion E Stings looked tacky to me the more I looked back at it- it had more purple in and torn paper but it was just too contrasting I think. So i've gone for a more simplistic but grungy background. As a whole, visually there isnt a lot of colour etc but it works and looks best that way.

This is the 'toast' progression pieces though- the first obviously being at the start of the animation, leading to the last one with the E4 logo.

Until later.......


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