'Stuff'- from Wonderland to whales.

Well I havent had a very relaxing week. Pretty busy and stressful but I did have a break on Friday and went to see Alice In Wonderland at the IMAX and WOW!!! So incredible!!! I'd already seen it in 3D but what a difference at the IMAX. It was amazing- obviously I'm majorly obsessed already with the film and was dying for the release at the cinema. I think the visuals are just incredible- the sets, character design, effects. Just everything and the acting of course. All so Burton. I've been quoting it ever since- no doubt really annoying everyone lol. But it was great to be able to see it to compare from 3D to the IMAX because I didnt really think I'd notice much difference but it was like a million times better. So that's been my little escapism into wonderland!

And now- better late than never is the work for my metamorphosis task. Initially at the start we were given an animal and machine we had to draw each frame for morphing from one to the other. I had to morph a rhino into a tank. This is a video of the morph itself from the drawings.

From this we then had to pick our own animal and machine and produce 24 hand drawn frames. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to pick and animal and machine and at first I was going to morph an owl into a security camera or something like that but it didnt really sound very good to be honest. So I just decided- which probably seems quite obvious but a whale to a submarine. Shape wise they are similar and environments too. I did research into types of whales and submarines which I NEVER thought I'd end up researching something like that- I cant believe I actually have a bit of knowledge of them now- blue whales, gray whales, pre war submarines, nuclear... Sooo yeah that bit was a bit boring but had to be done because I wanted to get the shape and look right. It couldnt be like your stereotype 'Beatles Yellow submarine' style.
I decided to add a bit of colour to it and done an initial really rough line test to try out for shape and transforming wise, and also a line test for the water spout splash style too.

Rough shape line test...not by a pre school kid although it looks like something they'd do LOL.

And now the final version...


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