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Need to do a proper update with lots of things. My work from the E4 project, life drawing, morph, character design and much moreeeee. Plus I found some really cool blogs and things which are useful and some other animators I've come across lately whose work and style I really like.
I havent got as much done as I wanted and my time plan went right out the window- not being well yet again! But in the meantime whilst I've been working on the projects, I have learnt a lot about the software and watched a lot of tutorials. Until now I'd still never used Final Cut pro. I didnt have a clue how to edit a video, render etc but I'm learning and its cool. Also had a bit of a mess around with Adobe Premiere and After Effects but still havent really got the hang of those yet. I did make a smoke effect though which I wanted to to in my E4 animation but couldnt in the end. I also want to start using photoshop and illustrator much more for inking/colouring drawings. So yeah, it's a kinda 6 and 2 3's situation- aint went to plan but also learned a lot at the same time. Cant wait to try out more and just really experiment with everything.

But for now here is the first frame from my metamophasis project- goes from a whale to submarine.

I'll upload my E Sting soon, once here has decided to let me upload a video or once its finished loading on youtube...oooh the suspense!


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