Tick tock toast

This is one of the scenes from my E Stings toast animation. As you can see its stop motion with quite a rough look to it. The scene in the video is not quite the final thing but you get the idea from it (I hope). Its a bit jumpy. I had tried a few other tests before with different background etc but really this one looks and works best for the overall piece.
Its been quite different and interesting to work on and although I dont think it looks fantastic, I've learnt a lot in the process from it. With whats involved with stop motion, lighting, editing etc. I've never really done editing before now or had much or any experience with a lot of the software but I've been trying to pick up bits here and there and piece it together. Its made me want to learn a lot more within it all.
But anyways, back to the animation itself, although the scene here isnt the 'final' thing- I think it does still stick to the concept and brief. So here's the clip from the first scene.
The second video is a test clip from the end scene where the 'E4 toast' has popped out of the toaster.


  1. this is really awsome i like the style of it reminds me of being a child for some reason lol




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