The Brothers McLeod...and a lot of fabric

About two weeks ago now I come across an animation company when I was researching and just having a bit of a random browse through clips online. I have only just read and found out more about the animation istelf though.

The animation in particular by them was one called 'Jasons Story'. It was created for The Law Centres Federation which run centres across the UK for free legal advice... not that, that part is interesting but you know- it was their client so its good to know who the animation was acually created for.

So.. it swas about a family man overcoming a drug addition and volunteering at a law centre to get his life back on track. It's not so much the story that grabbed my attention but the style of it. I mean it does have a deep meaning to it but I just SO love the look of it. The initial character designs were turned into fabric models and a fabric background was created which they then animated.

The character designs...

I think the whole fabric look of it is so capturing and really interesting. It really gives it so much more appeal. And I've said previously when looking at Yves Gleyn, that texture and fabrics is something I really, really want to try working with at some point. I want to experiment more with different techniques and create a wider range within my work and I think this would be great for that. This is the animation 'Jason's Story'. Really impressed me, even the credits at the end. I loved the look of that...although I think personally I would of liked to have taken it a step further and created like a stitched effect for the text rather than it being overlayed on the background fabric piece.


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