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I found out about this yesterday which sounds really cool and useful to do. It's an exhibtion in Swindon on July 30th by 'Steve Rack'. He has created the 'Toe Fluff' characters which he is basing a childrens book on. But he decided to ask some design/arty people that he knows to design their own 'toe fluff' character based on a plain template of it that he sent. He liked the idea of this and wants more people involved and this is where the exhibition of it all comes in.

Basicly you download the template from the website here: Template download and instructions. You just have to keep your design within that template and then email your design. The deadline for entry is July 15th. Pretty simple but cool eh! Also its good for us because in a way its a bit of networking and who knows! You get to have your design seen at the exhibition, on the site and on the flickr page dedicated to them all too as well as your own website address. And its for a good cause- proceeds from the exhibition are going to the Great Ormand Street charity. So its all good!

The project also has its own facebook page here

And here are a few designs so far by other people.

So there you go. I deffo think its worth any of us entering. I've got my template printed off and I'll work on some designs when I can. But its a great project and like I said- its a bit of networking too. It's been mentioned on quite a few well known sites and articles now too. Here is the site again for anyone who wants more info or to enter.

Toe Fluff


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