Fletcher re-worked and finally my E4 storyboard

Just a quick update on Fletcher the rat from earlier. I had a little experiment with the background, just some rough textures and brushes then overlaying a grungy brush texture over him to make him blend more with the background. Without this he kinda looked 'stuck' on. Also added a lil detail with his name in graffiti style on the bottom. It was fun and interesting working on him. Picked up a few other tips on photoshop for the burning tool. He was first outlined using the live trace in illustrator then coloured and the background added in photoshop. I had a look through my work though and thought bloody hell I use a lot of grey in it all! From the E4, Xavier, Frederick.... but it's only really because it is the most appropriate for each one. With Xavier I did try other colours but it just didnt look right.

So this is Fletcher complete.

And yes I know I'm kinda doing this all in the wrong order as I uploaded the final animation of this a while ago- therefore the storyboard should of been on earlier but I only just got round to uploading it now. I do prefer the look of my rougher hand drawn storyboards for this as it gives the overall feel to it better than this flatter digital version. But it is far neater and more professional looking and to present to a client- it should be presentable and clear to them.




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