Frederick- the bunny gone wrong

After being a total stress head the last few weeks and majorly last week- I had a day of 'escapism' yesterday. Well not full day but I went to Edinburgh for a few hours. I had been told there was like 6 inches of snow there- wore my boots and layers of clothes to get there and find no snow (thankfully) and lots of sun. It was nice to get away just for a little while. Have a break from doing project stuff. I got a few new scarves and Michael Jackson things, nothing much but cool stuff anyways.

So back to the point of... work! When I got back I started to work on a bit of the kinda extra work to do over Easter and the tasks for while others were away in New York although they are back now. So I decided to develop a quick little rabbit character- a bunny gone wrong lol. It was something new to me though because it's the first time I've fully started out creating a character in illustrator just purely on there. Using the pen tool and shapes- not actually having a sketch to trace over. Started with a blank cavas- ooh! So that was interesting, to kinda see where I went with it and how it changed a little. Being a bit more open minded when creating it. I know its not exactly a complex character, its really basic but was fun and interesting to learn from. Everything else I've done character wise I have already had a hand drawing for and then traced on illustrator. I then coloured him on photoshop. I'd like to add a background to him though and 'might' do a little shading on him but I'm not sure on that yet. Again- the shading is something else I've wanted to keep doing but havent yet so that would be another learning curve.

So here is my little Frederick. Appropriate for Easter. The Easter bunny gone wrong- he got stuck down a rabbit hole for too long and it stunted his growth! lol.


  1. hes really cute i'd be tempted to take the outline off some parts have a faff around, but i think thats just me ha...
    he looks so stunned and needs a goood hug blesss him ^_^
    i approve :P x

  2. Yeah your deffo right with that! Im not so keen on some outlines, same on the Xavier character too. Gonna have a bit of a tweak and try that out. So watch this space! lol. Awww thanks!




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