Frederick returns, he's back and better!

Well I did say I'd have a bit of a mess around with the outlines on the Frederick character I done on illustrator/photoshop. Also got good feedback about it from Justine about the outlines too. It's something I've wanted to try for a while with my work so this is a first and I think it looks a lot better and has more depth and less harsh on your eyes. So its been a first all around as far as lil Frederick is concerned: first time I've purely made a character from scratch on illustrator using the pen tool and shapes- no outline or sketch to trace over. Also the first time I added a 'slight' bit of shading and I mean slight, using photoshop and also no black outlines on the final. So here he is. In time I would like to create a proper background for the lil fella.

And this was the 'before' version with the black outlines...


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