Getting things sorted

Well today has been pretty good and I feel like I'm starting afresh in a way although really its close to the end of this course year. But it was nice for me to finally get back to college after being off a lot and then the easter and planning things out for what I need to do.
I had a long chat with Dave to sort out a time plan for my outstanding (as in past work- not amazing, aint bigging myself up there lol) and then for the current work that everyone else is working on. I've got things pretty much sorted for any of the past work and when I'll be handing that in and I feel a lot better about that. The rest of the work that is being done at the moment- 3D etc, I will be working on myself to get completed. There is a lot to do for that and as of yet- cinema 4D is still alien to me! But I have the trusted anne powers book and lots of design magazines with tutorials in and online things, youtube vids etc which I'm sure will help.
Also apart from this, there is the PPD to complete which I feel fine with that. I know what needs to be done for that and the 500 word report. For the report I'm not sure exactly which area I'm going to cover for past and current trends in animation but I'm thinking a little more towards CGI or maybes into character design for how villian characters have changed over time. You dont get them like you used to with Maleficent etc! But I'm not quite sure about that yet as a topic for it.

The things I want to do and complete are:
-3D research
-Company research
-Industry research
-Time plans
-SWOT analysis
-Software comparisons and my experience and skills with them
-Competitions and festivals
-Visits to the Baltic etc
-Magazine and book reviews/comments.

I've got a lot of books lately which are sitting there dying to be looked at and ones I've had for ages too- just need the time to look through them but they all look really influential and inspiring to me. So I want to include those in my PPD and give a bit of a review to each one, as well as some magazine things. I have a subscription to 3D World magazine but also buy Computer Arts and Digital Arts magazine more now. And on the rarer occasion now compared to previously- Advanced Photoshop magazine and 3D Artist. It's all good buying them though but its actually taking in information from them and putting a little time aside to work through some tutorials in them. There is always some really good and useful things in them though and always good to keep looking back over.

So thats a bit of a summery in a ramble of what I'm doing and where I'm at right now. But basicly I have my time planned out from now to the end of summer. Got a lot to get sorted in summer too but I'm feeling positive about it and think next year will go even quicker than this year and I want to be able to attend properly and develop my personal style more and try out new techniques. Scary to be thinking of next year already but from past experience and this year- time really does fly by and you have to 'try' and plan things as far in advance as you can to make things easier in the long run.


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