Lonnnnng to do list!

It's april 1st already- april fools day. I aint been caught out so wooo...probably because I'm on my own in the house! But anyways I cant believe how quick this year is going already. Something I was chatting about with Louise yesterday in college- just how scary it is. Since Christmas its just zoomed past and there really isnt much time left now but with still so much to do.

So while the others have been away in New York I've been trying to get my head around and plan out my time for over Easter. I have a lot to catch up on with being off so much. I need to finish off all past mitigation work, make sure I'm caught up with ppd work and sort out all my screen caps and annotate for the digital module.
I also need to finish off my character model sheet- just need to add a background pattern/texture for that.

Then theres the other little tasks David gave us to do while they were in New York which I kinda made a start on lastnight with looking at the work of the company 'Curious Pictures'.

I also 'wanted' to have a little faffy time to just draw random things and characters and work on that and to just experiment and mess around on software and try some tutorials as well as looking through some of the books I recentley got. But I'm doubting thats gonna happen now. I dont have time to have faff time! Which I think is the best way to learn and pick up things really but I have too much else I have to get done first which is of greater importance. Gotta get my priorites right!

So yeah I have lots to do and as I type this I have a notebook, pen and MASSIVE pile of work and all module guides ready to go through and make a list of what I need for what etc. Me and list making just goes hand in hand! But I'll feel better once I've got that done- to have an acual list to look at so its all clear and I can keep more organised. So here it goes!


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