Make use of time

Well this is like a mission in itself at the moment to type- I cant see properly at the moment and looked like i had stigmata the other day- scary!! Soooo I havent been able to really use my computer or write/read much which sucks. As I cant do much or look at the screen ,doesnt really go well with animation does it hmmm. SO im gonna make the most and get something else productive done. Probably sounds daft but because I didnt get to the Baltic over Easter, I'm going to visit today to add to here later. So at least thats someething I can do rather than waste time. And who knows- maybes not being able to see as well might make it more interesting 'its art'.....


  1. :O Get well soon! Drink tea, that always helps, well, coffee in your case.

  2. I realise tea/coffee won't help your sight but it'll make your mind feel better, actually just ignore everything that i'm saying i'm blabbing because of the shock of losing all my work from yesterdasy ...

  3. LOL!!! Well I did enjoy a nice coffee earlier..first in a few days too! The whole carrots and seeing theory is another matter. It's as true as santa is!




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