The making of the Tim Burton MOMA ident and character

I promised I would find this again and post it so eventually i have. it's a really interesting feature about how they made the ident for for promotion of the Tim Burton exhibition at MOMA. The character itself is based on Burtons Robot Boy and was animated with a MOMA logo.

The UK company Mackinnon and Saunders created the model of the robot character. They have also worked on other Burton projects including the Corpse Bride. They specialize in designing and building animation puppets and models for TV programs and such. They only had three weeks to create the character, ballons and animate them and then get the actual footage to LA for post production. Now thats a tight deadline- scary! When I think of what i've done in that timescale and how long everything has taken, that really is pretty amazing to create that in such short time.

The article goes quite in depth about the problems that occurred during the process of making it all and exactly how it was made. Although it was a stop motion animation- the balloon part was actually created from Tim's drawings which were then textured onto the balloons in CG.But they needed to create a light weight looking balloon quality to it all which provided some issues. The actual shoot took three days to do for the stop motion and I think overall the animation itself is just so effective and looks brilliant!

I'd love to do more stop motion next year like this and this article was really insightful to me for the process involved. Here is the link to it all! Enjoy.

Making of the Tim Burton MOMA Ident


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