Papercraft and animation

With thoughts of what to write about for the report on animation trends, I've been thinking about looking into papercraft and how that is becoming more popular and being used more within animation and advertising. I've certainly noticed a lot more of it in my design magazines. It seems like its a much more recognised craft and art form now that has developed within itself. I havent decided if I will write about this or stop motion yet, or even writing it based on Pixar- their success and popularity over the years and how they have developed and had to keep ahead and moving when it comes to the techniques and software they use.

But wit thinking of papercraft and stop motion.. I come across this animation which I thought was a great example of how this is brought into animation and how its done well. I loved the style of it but how its still kept quite raw too with using newspaper for the tress rather than creating something to look like a natural tree with proper tree colours. It's kept it more unique and gave it more quality and character.

It is called 'This is Where We Live' and was made for 4th Estate Books (an imprint of Harper Collins) to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.


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