Past week and this week

I think its official that the weeks are going over quicker and quicker now!....or I'm getting older (23 next month so you know)- or a bit of both. But things didnt quite go to plan last week after finally getting back to college then ending up not being able to see properly. Not a good start back, and then more appointments. So I didnt get to have a go at any Cinema 4D stuff which I really need to and I also wanted to make a start on my report or at least have the actual topic decided for it but although I've got a rough idea in mind for what I want to base it on, I havent fully decided yet.
I did get a bit of my past work completed though so thats a module out of the way for me.
This week I aim to:

- Get more of my past work done
- Get research and a start made on my report
- Produce a SWOT analysis
- Overview on techniques I have learnt so far on a range of software and what I want to learn and how it can develop my work.
- Look into future exhibitions to visit over the summer.


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