So much to do, so little time

Well I did say I had a lot to do and I've made a timeplan- doesnt say how much time for what because to be honest I dont know and no matter what I do- EVERYTHING takes longer than expected or something happens which knocks out my plan so there you go. All I know is I have 2 weeks left for the 'easter break'. I cant believe a week is over already. I have been really busy over this last week though trying to get done what I can. My poor parents- been so snappy lately but I'm more chilled this week. Bit less stress and worry and 'going with the flow' although Im still thinking God so much to do!

So over the last week I have been working more on illustrator and photoshop- picking up new skills/techniques for drawing and colouring and I designed the rabbit character Frederick. Also been sorting through old work that I need to finish off and complete which has been past mitigation modules. LOTS to do for all that and lots of evaluations to write. Also got my Xavier model sheet completed with the pantone colour reference on it. Been updating my blog as you can see, checking out other animations, updating my Youtube and facebook with my work.

But this is the plan I have done which as I said isnt broken down into proper days etc but to me outlines what I need to do in the next 2 weeks which makes it clearer for me to see and understand.

The problem with me is- which its took me long enough to realise, is that I'm over ambitious with what I want to do and in the time. I always think 'oooh I wanna do that, try that, learn this, I'll do that too......' but the time arrives and that doesnt happen. I can only do so much and trying to do more just makes you stress more and I do that enough. I mean its good to aim high and want to do more, learn more etc. Always push yourself and dont just get by- I sound like some not so wise guru! But yeah thats what I believe but you can only do your best and there is only ever a certain amount of time and often things happen that you cant control or expect. So I'm gonna make the most of the next 2 weeks, carry on working hard and trying to get as much done as possible and learn a lot more.

For now I'm gonna carry on enjoying the smell off my yankee candle next to me, listening to quality MJ songs- Blood on the Dancefloor at the mo and get more work done!


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