Tim Buron exhibition- making of videos

I watched these quite a while ago, just before the exhibition officially opened and it was so cool to watch and see the process of the making of these. Thought I'd post these as I didnt get to the exhibition but its cool for those who did too, to see what went on in making them. The balloon boy is great and reminds me a lot of his Toxic Boy character. The black/white entrance looks AWESOME! I would of loved to have seen that in real life. Very Burton and creates a big impact.

This is interesting for how they made the balloon boy- how Tim designed it and then they blew it up/printed to make it and installing it.

This is just total coolness! Newcastle college should have an entrance like that! lol. Just OMG, I could stare at it for ages. It just really draws me in and grabs me attention. I think another reason I enjoyed watching this video so much and it got me thinking more- was because its linked to set design which is a passion of mine and from my past of interior architecture and doing a bit of set design work, wanting to combine that with animation- it just stood out even more to me. Even the process of creating it from the model, to scale and styrofoam- I was thinking 'ah yeah'. I love things like that. Got me wanting to make a model again!

And this just blew me away when I watched the making of it which annoyingly I cant find the video I watched of it which was really insightful. They had such a tight deadline to create it- make the model, get it shipped over etc. It was like WOW! Really interesting. So I must hunt it out again but here is the final ident itself which was used to promote the exhibition. I already ADORED this character- Robot Boy. But the ident itself I think is fantastic and done so well.


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