Xavier 'in the making'

Well this is Xavier in the making or should I say 'the making of' Xavier. From the earlier character design module which we are now developing into 3D. This is a slight few variations of him during his development to the final colour model sheet. Obviously I have more initial sketch ideas in my sketchbook for him but this was more from the development stages of a more precise version of him. From the start though, his kinda everyday expression did change as I think it was more suited and looked better. It fitted in more with his personality.
Another thing that changed was the colour of his cape. It started out purple which I liked at first but the more I looked it I just thought 'nah'. It was lacking- so I changed it to a darker, more dramatic look which instantly changed it all. It created a deeper and more sinister look which is pretty much Xavier. Although he's a failure of a magician, he is bitter and sinister. He'd do anything to be the best!

This was one of the earlier versions of him. He looked too top heavy though, he needed to be sleeker.

Producing the line work on illustrator and colouring....

Final colour front view

Final model sheet- front, back, elevation views and facial expressions. Pantone colour referenced too. I created the background on photoshop with a gradient fill plain background first, then added a texture using the overlay and changing the transparency setting to make it blend nicer. Some of the texture already included a lot of the swirls seen as I tried a plainer and slightly more grungy version too but the swirls complimented the character design well and also matched in with his eye. It also sticks with the 'magic' theme a bit. I then added more swirls around the edges to finish it all off, using some swirl brushes I had downloaded. Im pretty happy with the overall look of the model sheet. Perhaps I would of liked to have adjusted the line work more with the colours on that- rather than black but it meant spending more and more time messing around on it and time is something I so dont have right now. Too much to fit in.


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