Yet another 'art of' book that I want

I've been getting quite a few of these type of books lately but they are mega inspiring and interesting to me! They have a lot of character and background design work from concepts through to final and techniques etc. It's interesting to see how much a well known character can change from the initial stages. They always include storyboarding and a bit about the people involved, ideas behind the films and more. Only problem is I havent really had time to properly read them yet. But primarly I have a lot of the Pixar ones: The Art of Up, Pixar Shorts, Toy Story, Ratatouille (for my birthday so aint got it yet) Pixarpedia, and obviously various Tm Burton ones and Coraline.

'The Art of Toy Story 3'

So back to the point of my post- this one will be coming out in the UK in July alongside the film this summer for 'Toy Story 3'. I cant wait for this film! It looks really good and the characters look incredible and I also think that it seems to do well as a 3rd film plot wise and not just a crappy follow on with no point. It'll also be interesting to see how they have developed since Toy Story and even Toy Story 2 because since then, even in quite a short space of time, software and technology has changed so much and of course there is HD and 3D now more popular too.
So this book has been reviewed by Parka Blogs who I follow a lot. He reviews loads of books, a lot of which I have or want too. Its always an insightful review and gives a video clip which is great because you get to see a bit of the page layout/style etc.

It looks like an amazing book already and im sure when I get it I'll be doing the usual 'WOW, have you seen that'... 'OMG'...

Parka Blogs site and review

The video clip of the book...


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