Bomboland paper cut out work

Im really getting into the whole paper cut out art. I find it really creative and so detailed. Its a great craft and something I'd like to bring into my own work in the future (as well as loads of other things I keep seeing and liking!). But I really have noticed quite an influx of this kind of work and within my magazines- there seems to be more recognition for it and articles. Theres some really amazing, interesting pieces around and its not just animation but the illustrations of it that I love too.
This company 'Bomboland' create a lot of this work and the main creator Maurizio Santucci began working in advertising and then become a freelance illustrator and also writes and illustrates short comic books.

This is some of the paper cut work:

I really love this piece, there's so much detail in it and I think the subtle gradient tones are very effective in it. It also makes you take a closer look and study it more to try and pick out the different cultures/countries represented within it. I can really see this as an animated piece.

'Air Canada "Win the World"'

'Mini International Magazine, 2009'.

This one kinda reminds me a little of Coraline- like the other mother. Probably just because of the blacks and her eyes are closed. But I like the texture on this one too, it works well.


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