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Well lately I've been looking around more and thinking of creating a new online portfolio of my work. Obviously being a student and such, I cant afford a proper website. There are some good free alternatives out there though but im focusing more right now on the more specific portfolio websites.

I've certainly learnt throughout my last course and even this year- how important it is to keep networking and taking any oppurtunity to get your work seen, your name passed around. The saying 'getting your foot in the door' is SO true! Once you have, you might not get a lot of work from it but the experience you gain from it is so important and the contacts made from it. Those are what you keep and refer back to or vice versa.
Last year it really sunk in (on the creative practice top up year)- that YOU are your own brand. You promote and sell yourself pretty much. A client forms their opinion on your abilities and talent from your portfolio and from you as a person. First impressions are everything and keeping a professional mind and manner helps a lot. The creative industry is very different- experimental, fun, hectic, extreme obviously you have your own take on things and style but I believe you still need to bare that in mind for keeping organised and how ever you put yourself across is what someone else picks up on straight away. Im starting to sound like a life coach or something here now! But I reallllly do think all of that is SO important and of major advantage in your future for building up contacts. Its good to have websites, even posted on your facebook and things just so people can view it more easily.

So as I mentioned, I've been having a little browse and I found this site which is popular for creating free online portfolios- 'Behance Network' and also this website which is great! I already have a portfolio on here of my past work which I need to update. It is 'Carbon Made'. I really like this site, its so easy to set up and looks professional and its great for browsing other people's work too. You are restricted to how much work you can upload however, but even so I think its worthwhile.

My websites/portfolios I have at the moment are:

YouTube: My youtube page
Carbonmade: My online portfolio
Blogger: My blog page on here- Ash Animation

I would like to create a more overall website though rather than having some things on one, some on another. I will be looking into this more and keep you updated on it. There lots of advice online for creating sites for free and in design magazines too.


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