Just as I said that...here is another free portfolio site

Just as I said I was looking around for other free online portfolio sites- I came across this one called 'Shown'D' which I have just joined. This looks cool because you can include not only images/projects but videos too and when browsing portfolios, you can narrow it down by specific software/speciality such as Photoshop work, After Effects etc. It looks like you can also 'watch' jobs and apply for them too on there. Employers use that site also.

My page on there is blank at the moment but I will start uploading work soon I hope. But it says so far that I have this much available to upload which is cool and a decent amount too:
- 15 projects
- 75 images
- 25 flash files
- 15 audio files
- 8 videos

I'm not sure if that will change once I start uploading work, like depending on the file sizes etc? But we'll see.


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