The last week's comings and goings...

Ok, well last week I set some goals and plans for what I was going to do, and not so unspringsly it didnt get done. I've had SO many set backs and appointments- doesnt help when you have an appointment and it turns out no one called to say it would be 2 hours late! Lots of time wasted from just waiting around. Then this morning I had yet another set back which I had a mini rant about earlier but dunno whats gonna happen with that at the moment.
So yeah, last week wasnt as productive as I had of hoped or planned. I got my SWOT analysis done and one of my past modules completed but still havent done the other module or started the 500 word report yet. I have done a bit more research which I guess is more PPD work, such as the exhibition in Swindon and other industry things like that. I'm also looking around to create another online portfolio.
Goal wise this week its quite similar to last week in terms of the report, working on outstanding modules, research, tutorials. I STILL need to acquaint myself with even just the basics of Cinema 4D. So theres lots to do as usual, its just a matter of being able to get it done.


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