My frabjous day

Well last week was pretty busy. I havent had a chance to do much work yet so far but made a start now. But back to last week- it was my birthday...23 can you believe! And the weather was AMAZING!
I got super duper fantastical prezzies which Im still excited about. One of them was the Coraline doll (the version she has of herself in the movie) and let me tell you- that is SOOOOOO amazing! I've waited a full year for that and it was well worth it. I now have all of the dolls that were released which I adore!

I also got the full set of Tim Burton's Tragic Toys which I've been after for a few years now. They are awesome, and the 3 larger versions that were released. So I'm proper happy!
I got loads of Alice In Wonderland things which is one of my newer obessions now and I got two more amazing 'art of' type books- Alice in Wonderland and the Art of Ratatouille. And with only fairly recentley getting a blu ray player- I got a good collection of blu ray discs and much to my joy- Michael Jacksons Moonwalker!!! Ahhhh 23 years later and Im still watching it! Cant wait to watch Toy Story and 9 should look really good on that too.

Mini UP cosbabies- they are brilliant!!!

I also visited the Baltic on Friday with David. There wasnt anything on really though because they were preparing for newer exhibitions at the time. Was still a nice day to go along the quayside though and I treated myself to some cool Moomins badges from the gift shop. I've really wanted the sketchbook there of the Moomins for a few years but still cant justify like £19 on something that doesnt have much to it! So badges it was!
I just really wish there was more going on here in Newcastle when it comes to exhibitions and festivals. I keep reading about things that are on but its everywhere bar here.

So after all of that, on Sunday I finally made a start with drawing the Toe Fluff character for the Steve Rack exhibition (remember the deadline is July 15th to enter your designs). I made the most of the nice weather and decided to sit outside and draw which was great but now I'm sporting just the one sunburnt arm down one side! Not a good look really. I'm still working on the design but I'll be posting my initial concepts shortly. I know its only something simple but its been fun to work on so far. So i'll be following with an update on that a lil later today.


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