Overdue update

Think this is the longest time so far since updating my blog (tut tut). I've been wanting to for the last few days but havent really had a proper chance. This and the last few weeks have been pretty manic with either being ill or having appointments and I thought over this last week that everything would be settled but nope. From one to another and back again. Been really busy trying to get some of my past work completed to hand in this week and get that over so I can start with all the other stuff.

As most of the work I've been doing has been paperwork (sketchbook, annotation, files), I havent really had any new work to upload on here but over the next couple of days I will be uploading some funny animations I've found which have a great style and also some pretty nifty new features of the new Photoshop CS5. I downloaded the trial version and although I havent had a chance to really see what it can do- the interface of it looks different with some good new tools and I watched a video on how one of the new features allows you to move objects on a photo and it will automaticly guess and fill in the background accordingly! It'll amaze you!....it did with me anyways. So yeah I'm looking forward to finding out more about CS5 and the 3D things it can do now too.

Busy busy busy as is everyone at the moment. On a more random note- highlight of my week, infact month is....... I got Scissor Sister tickets!!!! Got a presale so off to Manchester I go to see them again, well next month (June 28th). Right now that's deffo keeping me going!


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