Summer..... or not with the rain!

Well the first year is over now can you believe. Summer hols now but maybes not with the weather at the moment. Just started pouring down. Anyways I handed in last week for some of the outstanding work I had. Now I have the 3D module to do....scary! I'll be working on that over summer and my PPD.
I have lots of plans for what I want to achieve and do over the next few months which I'm really looking forward to. I feel that I have the time now to 'faff' on and just experiment with programs and learn. I HAVE to learn Cinema 4D because I still dont have experience with that and I want to learn After Effects, learn more on final cut pro, CS5 and more. Maybes I'm setting high goals here but why stop the habbit of a lifetime. I always do but I like to plan and have things to aim for.
Firstly I should get my files sorted on here, tidy up all my internet faves because there's hundreds! Then I'll have loads of tutorials and things to work from properly then. I'm also gonna have a lil go and making some things- not sure wot but maybes a card model of some sort. Im feeling in a hands on creative kinda mood and I'm really inspired by a lot of papercraft lately (watch this space for some updates on who I've been researching).
I'm also going to be working on my drawing- trying to get more speed drawings done, working on poses, cycles and facial expressions. I've got the Preston Blair 'Cartoon Animation' book which looks fantastic for this sort of work.
I'm gonna do a new SWOT analysis soon for my weaknesses at the mo and in more detail for what I'm wanting to do over summer. I'll still be updating this blog over summer too with general randomness. So there you go.


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