SWOT Analysis

I decided to produce a SWOT analysis based upon this year first year as a whole. From what I feel I have learnt, setbacks I've had, where it can lead to and it pretty much carries through to summer for me- for when I'll be completing the 3D work etc.
I think this is a very useful thing to do and does make you think more and relfect and understand yourself and skills better. It's certainly something I should and have been meaning to do more often. To maybes make a new SWOT analysis at the start and end of each project. This makes it clearer to see what you've learnt and what areas you still need to work on.
Personally it does feel wierd knowing that this first year is already almost over and I feel that I havent been able to fully 100% commit myself and learn as much as I wanted or could of. This has been due to having to have a lot of time off which couldnt be helped but reflecting back on it, it is something that at the start I really wanted to avoid and I know it has held me back with my skills and developement. I do always continue with work on my own and can pick up quite a lot too...I'm thinking this might be different with Cinema 4D however! But this still doesnt make up for general everyday tips I've missed out on.
I'm looking forward to getting on though and learning a lot over the summer and trying out new techniques and just doing more random drawings and 'faffing' around on different programs (thats the technical term for it- faffing). I've got soooooooo many books and magazines I want to look through too and I also want to enter the 'toe fluff' character exhibtion I mentioned on my previous post. That should be fun!

Anways... this has turned into quite a long ramble of a post. Im in one of those reflective moods and forward thinking. I'm planning a lot and trying to keep to a structure and plan for it all. But back to the main point of this actual post: the SWOT analysis. Here it is (btw this is the first time I've tried directly exporting a word document to a blog so I think its messed up the layout a little)....

SWOT Analysis – April/May 2010


  • Produce in depth research.
  • Can now confidently use Framethief to capture frames and create an animation.
  • Can now use Illustrator and Photoshop to produce character sheets and colour storyboards.
  • Understanding of the importance of getting your work seen and networking.
  • Have learnt the basics of Final Cut Pro.
  • I now have an online blog which is regularly updated.
  • Online portfolio and youtube channel/page.
  • Have collected a large range of design magazines and websites featuring many useful and inspiring pieces and tutorials.
  • I have built up my personal design/animation book collection throughout the year. Very helpful and inspirational.


  • Knowledge of Cinema 4D- haven't really had a chance to be able to use it yet.
  • Use of garage band.
  • Types of animations I have created so far. I'd like to learn a lot more and a more varied range, such as 2.5D, 3D, textured etc.
  • Had a lot of time off this year so I still have outstanding work to complete and a lot to learn and catch up on.
  • My speed of work and drawing.
  • Figure drawing- need to work on poses etc.


  • Learn how to use new software.
  • Learn new techniques.
  • Develop my skills.
  • Create a showreel- better for my personal networking too and getting my work seen.
  • Work on live briefs and competitions.
  • Visit exhibitions.
  • Build upon portfolio.
  • Work placement next year.


  • Setbacks from previous projects have resulted in me missing out on some things that is harder to learn or pick up. Need to catch up with these things.
  • Health issues- a lot of time off.
  • Over summer being self taught and directed for newer things like Cinema 4D.

I will create another one probably mid summer to relfect and check on my progress from now and then right at the end too. It'll be interesting to see whats happened and what I've learned.


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