Who knew toe fluff could be so exciting!

So I've finally been doing a bit of work the last few days. I'll not get a chance to do much over the next few days I dont think becuase I'm gonna be a poorly lil boo hoo so I'll probably sleep a lot! But with that in mind, I've been making the most and drawing away and colouring like mad. I've been working on the Steve Rack 'Toe Fluff' designs for his exhibition. I know it could of just been like a quick 2 minute sketch design thing because anyone can submit their design- it does have to stick within the size set by them though and the template of the outline shape. But I've been really enjoying this, its made a nice change so I've spent a while on it. Just taking my time and enjoying having the chance not to 'have' to rush.
Each person who submits a design can only submit one so I thought I might as well come up with a range then pick the best from that.

Here are my initial concept ideas which I sketched but now I'm working on one in particular- trying it in a range of colour which I'll be posting soon. But for now here are the initial ones:

A combination of a few elements from previous ideas- the hair, eyes and mouth.

Last but not least- just another idea but in colour. Kinda took inspiration from The Joker. I walked past the Joker headknocker in my bedroom and thought hmmm the mouth is cool.


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