Well well well...

It's been a lil while yet again since I updated and boy do I need a major update! As its getting later and I've just had a work out (so im knackered plus the mega heat)- I'll post in full tomorrow.
But I will give you a mini update for now.

- I've finally finished my Toe Fluff character 'Smurfatar' for the Steve Rack exhibition which I've been posting about for a while. I got that emailed off yesterday so maybes I might and hope to see it on their site soon!

- I went back to the Frederick rabbit character and finished that too. I added a felt texture overlay to it which Dave suggested a while ago and it made such a good difference. Also added a subtle background with grass.

- Also started having a little go at model making with fimo clay. I like this 'but'...I think its better for small scale work and I think i prefer other clay if I'm honest. But it is fun to use.

- Found out that the Tim Burton exhibition which is now in Australia is having its own online wonderland feature where they want people to submit their work and Tim Burton himself will shortlist it etc. This sounds perfect! Really good chance to have just have a go and get your work seen so I'll post more info on that tomorrow.

- And for now.. today in the sun I done a little design drawing for a change. More of a pattern which was quite influenced by tattoo design really. I wanted to just do something bold and bright which is different to usual. I'm gonna paint it up on photoshop and illustrator.

So that's what I've been up to but I'll post in more detail and with many pics tomorrow. And there are a lot of pics!


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