And now.....for my first cinema 4d animation creation!

Soooo I've been following some tutorials on basic 3D polygon character modeling on cinema 4d as well as the initial wine glass and bottle piece too. This was my way of starting out with some of the basics as I'd missed it all in college. With getting my head around it a tiny and I mean like the tiniest bit- I thought it was time to try something else before I move on to model my own 3d character.

On an earlier project- the 2.5d animation, everyone made their animation on cinema 4D but I didnt get to do this so I didn't and still kinda don't have a clue with that but I do now understand bits and pieces of whats involved to create that and once I've finished my mitigation work and handed that in, then I'll set my own work of creating a 2.5D animation so that I do have those skills and am able to do that before going back in September.

So back to the point of this post and what I done- to move on to actually animating something. Not a character but I made more of a 'motion graphics' clip. It was also the first for me using and understanding what you can do with the 'cloner object' on the mograph menu. I followed this tutorial which I must admit I had to keep pausing and going back over to understand and follow properly. Although I followed it quite well, I did find it more to take in and understand than the previous tutorials I followed. There was also a part further on when it come to rendering which was about 'HDRI' to add better effects and make it more realistic and for like environment settings when rendering out (I think thats what it means- im probably wrong but it does have an effect on that look at the end). But I'd never heard or knew about that so that was something new to take on board. The tutorial also then went on to importing the animation clip into After Effects to further edit and add more of a logo at the end but I didnt do that part. I just made the initial clip in cinema 4D and then slightly edited it on final cut pro.
The tutorial I followed for this was here on cgtuts plus

I gotta admit although the animation clip itself looks so simple and is only a few seconds- like blink and you'll miss it... I was pretty chuffed when it was done because its the first I've done in that and its yet another learning curve for me.

This is the final motion clip I created which I uploaded on my youtube channel. (wow I just noticed I actually done this 10 days ago too- I've been busy non stop!)

Now with a few tutorials out the way, it is time to move on to the biggie- to attempt to model my 3D character, rig it and animate! arghhhhh.


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