As mad as a hatter!

This is something I created just fairly quickly. I spent a while but not too long like I do on most things. Didnt drag out into days which is what I'm basicly saying! haha.

Its a go at photomanipulation and as you can see its me as the mad hatter. It was something I wanted to try so I learnt a bit more about how to use layers and opacity levels for creating effects with photoshop. It's a very good thing to learn because something simple on it can make such a difference and there isnt always just one way to do something. Theres various method's- so its good to understand which you think is best etc.

I created the background using a gradient fill, added a wall texture as a overlay then used the pen tool which I dont really use much in photoshop. The hat was then just duplicated a lot and rotated, re-sized etc to create the look. Then I just edited my pic and used the original mad hatter hat. This is how it turned out..

It's not great but its a start I guess and its something I'd like to go back to when I've got my other work done. I'd like to make a much better and realistic one with using a better pic of me, make the eyes contrast more with the colour and make them bigger, change the hair. But I did enjoy working on that, it broke things up from the norm a bit.

Now its time to work on cinema 4D! eeek




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