Back to the drawing board!

In this whole 'busy' zone I've been in- another part I've been working or re-working on has been my character design for cinema 4D. In the module guide we had to design a character and then model it in cinema 4D, then rig and animate it.
So my original character I created was Xavier. However as I still dont have much of a clue with cinema 4D- I realised that from what I do know so far and looking at Xavier, he is really complicated to create. I wouldnt even know where to begin really. I dont know how to model a lot of it and he does have a lot of different features such as his larger swirl eye, mechanical arm, the cape, hat and even the shape of his head!

So I decided it was best to go back to the drawing board and create a new and more simplified character which I 'hope' will be easier for me to model in cinema 4D. Not quite sure yet just how much easier but it should be to some extent at least. There's no complication of a cape or hat and the overall shape of his body is more simplified too. He's a French man called Marco and very camp looking, especially on the facial expressions sheet. I did really enjoy doing this but it's took longer than I hoped to get the final model sheets done. The initial process of designing him was a lot quicker than when I was designing Xavier. I feel that I've learnt from that and learned more about character design. It's an area which I'm really liking and enjoy. Even with this new design, I dont feel as though the Xavier character was now a waste, because I still did learn from it.

So here are my new character model sheets and this is the character I will be taking and working in cinema 4D with- or at least hope so. That is some big challenge for me! As soon as I post this, I will making a start on it. So watch this space.


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