Busy to the max!

Well I have a lot to update on. I've been meaning to post updates for the last week or so but I've been getting on with more work.
I am starting to worry no because my mitigation deadline is fast approaching and while I have been doing my work all summer, I still have SO much to do!! I need to get things done quicker and have a better structure for time.

I was meant to be in London this week and next for a family wedding but I had to cancel and stay here in the end because it meant I just wouldn't of got all my work done in time- I'd of missed too much. Everyone understood though. So I'm here just carrying on and really desperate to see Toy Story 3!!

And now on to what I've actually been doing.....well as you know I'm pretty new to cinema 4D and have loads to learn on it. On my previous post I showed the first thing I've ever made on it which was the wine glass and bottle. I've said literally like a billion sites with tutorials and things on lately (which also relates to photoshop/illustrator downloads too though) and I followed some 3d tutorials on 4Dfrog which was great and helped loads. This first one I done with this tutorial here based on a 3D 'Space Cat' which I followed then started changing more at the end. I was mainly just trying seeing what could be done with the extrude tool and things. This was during making it...

And this is the final result...

More to follow very soon!


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