Exhibtion news!

I got some good news last week which was a nice boost for me. A few weeks ago I submitted my Toe Fluff character design for the Steve Rack exhibition. But then I got an email to say the final 150 designs had been chosen for to be shown in the exhibition itself. Every design that was sent is available to view here on the Toe Fluff Flickr page

My design.

But the final line up was announced on the site here with all names- Toe Fluff site And to my surprise my name is there!! Woooo. So my design is gonna be in the exhibition along with my name and website- this blog address. So I was really pleased about that. Its been great working on it and being part of something different and its also for a good cause! The exhibition is open now and I really wish I could of gone to see it but its in Swindon and I cant get there but there will be photos and updates which I will be checking out!

It's had some fantastic publicity over the few months, from lots of online blogs, sites and in magazines too. And over on ilikecharacters.com this month has been the official Toe Fluff month- each day featuring a different design. The whole event has also been sponsored by Ripe Digital.

So on a final note- a big thank you to Steve for doing such a great project! It's been great fun.


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