First ever Cinema 4D work!!

It's official- I've finally actually created something for real on cinema 4D!!! After all this time and not understanding it all (I still dont but I'm learning and trying bloody hard). The only time I've tried something on there was in one of the CAD sessions and I ended up having to leave early because I was ill. But in that session we were learning the lathe nurb tool, creating a wine glass from it. We drew half a wine glass shape in Illustrator then opened the file up in Cinema 4D.
So as thats some of the basics and I didnt get that done- I decided this would be a good starting point for me before moving on to more and learning more tools and getting on to the actual character modeling and rigging. I done this earlier this week and since then I've been continuing learning with it and trying out some basic 3D characters and then a very short cube animation. All of which I followed tutorials for but then started tweaking more myself and understanding what different tools do etc. (another post will follow with this work)

This is the wine glass and bottles which is the first thing I completed....

I found a wine glass tutorial here but I used this one too which was more in depth and more helpful.

This is my finished rendered piece with 2 different size bottles which wasn't part of the tutorials but I included...


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