Frederick also gets a Fimo makeover!

As with the Smurfatar fimo model- I wanted to make a version of Frederick with it too but this time not so flat.
I did find this one much quicker and fun to make. It was more straight forward for the shapes and pieces used.

This is him pretty much made before being baked (sounds cruel)

I did then decide to paint him though which I hadn't intended on doing. So I still do actually need to make something without painting over it! But as I said before, I did find it quicker and easier to make. I think with the body shape being pretty rounded too, it made that a lot easier. Next I want to try things with more detail and I have a clay gun now so I can make awesome coils and swirly things- funky hair!!! wooooooo

...Oh and I should also mention that before painting it- when he was made I didn't have gray Fimo clay but mixed black and white together and it does mix really well. It kinda just moulds and blends in together to create the colour. I made a few various shades too. So I did really like that about the clay.

But once he was finished- he had a little trip outdoors to explore his natural environment and this is what he got up to!




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