Frederick done and dusted

I mentioned in the previous post that I was to finish off my Frederick this post is purely Frederick!

I got the chance to go back and finish the design which I was pleased about because at the time when I started him, I didn't really have much time and in my mind I knew it was something I wanted to return to once I was off for summer.

He started off as you know- on illustrator, just created by shapes and making him up as I went along which is something I hadn't done before. I've always worked from a drawing. Then once that was done, I decided to take the outlines away as it looked less harsh and I agree with Justine on that too when she mentioned it on the early designs.
So from that, I thought he still looked unfinished and I wanted to create some sort of background. But Dave also mentioned that he'd look cool with a felt texture overlay on him. So this is pretty much where I picked up from again when I continued working on him.

This is how he was with the outlines and then without....

Then like I said, I wanted to try with a felt texture. So I got a stock image of just some basic green felt- like the kind on a pool table. It was harder than I thought to get a felt texture actually. Most stock images like that are of fabrics/materials like cotton and things but not felt.
So anyways I got that, then changed the colour, saturation and contrast using photoshop so that it was gray and not green! Then it was just added as a new layer to the Frederick design and then as an 'overlay' with the transparency setting turned down a bit and the levels slightly changed too so it made it contrast nicely. It looked much better and more quirky with the texture added to it. I really like it but the overall colour of him needed to be made darker which was done for the very end design.

Now for the background:

With Frederick pretty much done, it was time for the background design. I had an idea in my head for what I wanted. Something cute but not too OTT or cartoony. I think that would just contrast against Frederick too much. It needed to be subtle but appropriate for the kind of environment he's in.

I tried with a fuller background of a blue sky, clouds, grass. I used a gradient fill then added the rest with brushes but it just didn't look good or right. There was too much going on and too much colour. This is what it looked like....

So I took the gradient fill away and it looked better straight away without the blue and green background. It just needed to be more simple really. So it started changing to this...

And then this is the final version completed. I do actually really like this character and the background. I think the tones/colours go well together. He was darkened down from the earlier version which made the texture look better and the background itself is an off white colour just to take that flatness of white away. And like with the Smurfater character- I also tried making him into a lil fimo clay model! Which will also follow in another post.

But for now here is the very final design of Frederick!


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