It's been a Scissory week!

Ok so I didnt get my update done the other day so now here it is!

On a very un-work related note I went to see my fave band ever... the Scissor Sisters! I've been so excited for ages to see them again. I'm loving the new album. It was in Manchester again- last time was at the MEN Arena in 2007 but this time it was the Manchester Apollo which was obviously smaller but a lot more of a personal kinda venue. So that was on Monday and I feel as if I've been catching up ever since. I got back around 3am but had an incredible time. I heard a lot of mixed opinions about that venue too but I have to say I did like it. The architecture inside was lovely- its an old theatre and the sound in there was great. Or at least from where I was at the front.
As this isnt quite work related I wont go on but I will post these 2 pics I took which I love! I got carried away as usual taking pics and I'm chuffed with a lot of them. But here's 2 I really like more for the shot itself...

I also got a letter this week about my mitigation, that its ok so at least I know their decision now and I have my deadline of next month to work to for everything. Which is for the last modules of the year. So plans together now and just need to get things done. Only hitch....getting my eyes sorted next week so I hope to God I can see properly!!! Aint gonna be no patchy the pirate here. Or even if it effects my vision- I hope its just for a few days. I'll find out next week I guess. Cant wait!....not


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