More cinema 4D the form of a cow

Following the first 3D tutorial I followed creating the kinda cat 'thing', I went through this tutorial too which was also on This time it was for a cow style character. Here is the tutorial 'character modeling' Again this was really helpful and while I still feel pretty clueless about creating my own character in 3D and rigging it- I do feel as though I'm starting to grasp some of the essential basics- and i mean basic basics! But I'm getting more used to the tools and what they can do. I always find with learning programs it really is a case of trial and error and just kinda messing around a bit. But back to the tutorial itself- again I followed the steps and then at the end just changed it a bit more to see what else I could try like putting some nostrils in.

Here is a screencap from the process of making it....

And this was towards the end when I was trying out different materials/textures for it. This is something else I'm starting to learn about with changing settings on the materials, changing gradients for shadows and reflection and how adding a light can totally change it too. I downloaded some materials from here c4d textures
This was a chrome style version which I did like but didn't go with that for the very final one but that material will be very handy to use in the future on a range of things. Great for interiors too.

This is the very end version I rendered. It's more subtle than the previous chrome version but I like the tones of the material and think it works well on the cow character.

From that I just done a quick edit on photoshop- not quite sure why but I made a pink and a blue, quite flat version but they are kinda quirky.

So there you go, thats a bit more of the work I've been up to lately but still a longgg longggg way to go! Like I said though I do feel like I'm already getting a little more used to cinema 4d from previously having no experience with it at all. I'm more used to the interface of it and how to use different view ports etc. Tutorials help so much! Otherwise its just a bunch of words straight over my head but now I'm using the program I'm more like 'ahh so thats what it means'. You live and learn eh!




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